Choose the best bike saddle that offers you performance and comfort from our range of bike parts. Whether you are an urban cyclist, a touring cyclist or a sportsman, we offer you top quality brands such as Brooks, WTB, ISM, Selle Italia... All at the best price!

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The saddle, an important part of cycling

Whether you are a cycling enthusiast, a touring cyclist or a professional cyclist, the saddle is an essential part of cycling. It must be comfortable to avoid discomfort and allow you to pedal endlessly without discomfort. There are many different types of saddles available on the market, corresponding to each posture, each morphology and each practice: soft, wide, long, thin, for women and for men. On our website Velo-Store, you will find a large choice of bicycle saddles adapted for each type of cyclist. They come from the best brands to guarantee you quality and performance: Selle Italia Brooks , Selle San Marco, WTB, ISM... And thanks to our attractive prices, you can enjoy your favorite activity in the right conditions without breaking the bank.

How to choose your bike saddle ?

You want to change the saddle of your bike? When choosing a new saddle, there are a few key points to consider in order to choose the right model. No matter what you do, comfort is the most important factor. For athletes, performance and lightness are also important factors when choosing a saddle. Here is the shape of the saddle to choose according to your activity:

The perfect saddle for urban cycling

You are an urban cyclist if you ride your bike in the city on short and regular distances. This could be to get to work or to run errands. In general, urban cyclists use a city bike, a Dutch bike or an electric bike. They adopt an upright posture and moderate pedaling for a relaxed ride. The comfortable saddle recommended for this mode of practice is flexible and wide. It allows a better weight distribution thanks to its large contact surface. A saddle equipped with a spring or shock absorber is also ideal to provide excellent shock absorption and protect your back. Discover without further delay our wide selection of comfortable saddles from the brand Brooks.

The saddle adapted for the bicycle tourer

If you are a touring cyclist and ride a mountain bike, a mountain bike or a trekking bike, the wide saddle with a slightly pronounced beak is the one for you. Its large width allows a better distribution of the weight which is carried largely on the back. The beak on the other hand allows you to avoid rubbing the inside of your thighs. It ensures you a maximum comfort during your long outings. Find in our site a wide selection of wide saddles Brooks at the best prices, perfectly adapted for touring bikes.

The recommended saddle for the search of performance

If you are a sportsman looking for performance on a road, gravel, cyclocross or mountain bike, choose a thin saddle. Here we offer several models for men, women and unisex. The women's saddle is slightly wider and shorter than the men's saddle. The narrow saddle allows you to pedal without the risk of chafing on the thigh and avoiding chafing. It also offers optimal lightness thanks to its carbon or aluminum material. It is usually padded with hard foam to ensure excellent comfort during your efforts. Our range of racing bike saddles is carefully sourced from reputable brands such as Selle San Marco, SelleItalia or WTB. They will meet your needs for quality and power.

The components of the bike saddle

A bicycle saddle is composed of several components. The rails allow to fix the saddle on the seatpost. They can be made of titanium, aluminum or steel. The carbon saddle is light and powerful, which is why it is particularly suitable for sports. Then there is the saddle shell which varies according to the morphology and the type of practice. It has a leather, plastic, nylon or carbon cover. The sensations offered by each material are different. The padding under the cover can be thicker or thinner depending on the area of the saddle. There are also anatomical bicycle saddles with a hollowed out area in the center to relieve the perineum during long bike rides. Take a look at our wide selection of racing bike saddles to find the right type of saddle for you.