Our selection of MTB Jerseys

Discover our selection of mountain bike jerseys and find in a few clicks the most suitable equipment for your discipline: cross-country, free ride, DH, enduro. Make your choice among the biggest brands like Giro Gore , POC, Kenny, Alpinestars, Leatt

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A wide selection of MTB jerseys at low prices

Whether you are an amateur or an experiencedmountain biker, the jersey is an essential accessory to enjoy your rides. Since mountain biking is a sport that can be practiced in any season, it is equally important to have the right clothing for the weather. With its specific design, the MTB jersey offers comfort and a feeling of freedom to tame the terrain with confidence.

To accompany you in the practice of your favorite discipline, Vélo-Store offers a selection of high quality MTB jerseys to gain in performance. Whether you are a cross country, enduro or freeride rider, you will find a wide range of mountain bike jerseys in different styles on our online store. Take advantage of a cycling outfit perfectly adapted to your races on all types of terrain to reach your goals in all serenity. Our team has selected for you the best mountain bike jerseys from the most famous brands in the world of two-wheelers such as Gore, POC, Kenny, Alpinestars, Leatt. Made of technical fabrics and incorporating innovative technologies, these jerseys are designed to offer optimal comfort while promotingaerodynamics. In terms of design, you can find on our online shop models with sober colors and clean style, but also jerseys with trendy colors to bring a distinctive touch to your cycling outfit. Beginner, advanced or experienced? Improve your level quickly and give the best of yourself during your races thanks to our large choice of mountain bike jerseys designed for training and competition.

The characteristics of a MTB jersey

Whether it is practiced as a leisure or sport activity, cycling is a physical activity that encompasses several disciplines such as: road racing, track, rough trails, downhill... Brands offer different types of cycling jerseys created specifically to meet the needs of each discipline. Indeed, the outfit adapted to run on asphalt is different from the one used on more technical surfaces. Thus, the MTB jersey is designed so that riders can exploit their potential and give their best on different types of terrain.

For XC Cross-Country MTB

If you're a cross-country mountain biker, you'll need a jersey that offers a good compromise between lightness and aerodynamics. With similarities to road jerseys, the cross-country MTB jersey has a close-fitting cut to minimize air resistance and increase top speed. It's designed with breathable fabric to keep you dry and comfortable for optimal racing comfort in all conditions. To equip you with the best products, we put at your disposal on our online store a wide selection of mountain bike jerseys from major players such as : Alpinestars Gore or Giro.

For Enduro, DH or Free-ride mountain biking

DH, Free-ride and Enduro are mountain bike disciplines that require a certain versatility. So it is essential to equip yourself accordingly to optimize your performance whatever the terrain. The freeride MTB jersey is developed for demanding riders who need total freedom in their practice. This type of jersey is similar to the BMX jersey. It is distinguished by its slightly loose fit allowing free movement. Design, technologies, materials... Its conception has been studied in the smallest details to facilitate the movement and accompany you in all comfort in your effort.

Criteria for choosing a mountain bike jersey

In order to choose the right MTB jersey, it is essential to take into account several parameters such as the design material or the weather conditions. A quality jersey will allow you to practice your favorite discipline in the best conditions whatever the weather.

The material

Mountain biking requires specific equipment in order to get the most out of your sessions. To feel free and comfortable, choose a jersey made of technical materials like moisture-wicking polyester for a better feel. Components like elastane will give your outfit the benefits of a flexible MTB jersey to move without constraint while enjoying optimal comfort.

The season

In warm weather, opt for a short-sleeved MTB jersey that combines lightness with a feeling of freedom. Choose breathable fabrics to regulate body temperature. For cold weather, choose a long-sleeved jersey that provides warmth and protection.