The best road bike helmets

Discover all our models of road bike helmets to complete your cycling equipment. Access to the best brands of road helmets such as Giro, Bell, POC or Bliz at the best price on our online store Vélo-Store.

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A wide selection of road helmets at low prices

Whether you're a casualcyclist or an avid cyclist, a helmet is an essential piece of equipment that offers protection and comfort during your rides. To pedal safely on the road, you will need to equip yourself with an adapted and quality bicycle helmet.

It is important to remember that helmets are mandatory for children under 12 years old, whether they are riding or riding as a passenger. For the older ones, the bicycle helmet is strongly advised for a practice always pleasant and in full safety. Also, it is imperative to change your bike helmet after a crash to maximize your safety.

Looking for the best road bike helmets to complete or renew your cycling equipment? Our team has selected for you the most advanced models in terms of design quality from the major helmet manufacturers. Combining design and advanced technology, these road helmets are designed to meet your performance and safety requirements.

On Vélo-Store, we offer you a large choice of road bike helmets from the most famous brands in the cycling world such as Giro, Bell, Bliz, or POC. Whether you are looking for a light and airy helmet for long distances, or an aerodynamic helmet designed for short distances at high speed, you are sure to find the model that best suits your needs. Available at the best price, our road bike helmets come in a wide range of sizes and colors. Choose your safety equipment from the top road bike helmet models like: Giro Vanquish Mips, Giro Aerohead Mips, Bell Annex Mips, Bell Z20 Aero Mips, Bliz Omega.

The different types of road bike helmets

Road cycling, track cycling, time trial... Depending on the type of cycling you do, you will need a helmet with characteristics adapted to the discipline. While these helmets are primarily designed for sport cyclists, most models are also suitable for urban use.

Road helmet

A road cycling helmet is usually streamlined to promoteaerodynamics and reduce wind resistance. Thanks to its particular design and material, it is characterized by its lightness and the absence of a visor. The road helmet has a ventilation system for a better air circulation, and thus allowing to benefit from a great comfort.

Track helmet

The track helmet , or aero helmet, is an aerodynamic, performance-oriented helmet. To minimize air resistance, it is a closed design. This type of helmet may have few vents for optimal aerodynamics at full speed.

Triathlon Helmet

Time trial and triathlon helmets are designed to offer a better compromise between aerodynamics, ventilation and comfort. These helmets are both lightweight and ventilated to allow you to reach high speeds while enjoying optimal protection.

Important criteria for choosing a road helmet

To make the right choice of road cycling helmet, it is important to consider several criteria. The model chosen must be comfortable and offer a level of protection that is appropriate for the speed and risks involved. Here are a few tips that will help you choose the right helmet for your bike.


Size is an essential criterion in the choice of your bicycle helmet, whether it is intended for road or track use. It is important to choose a helmet that fits perfectly and stays in place when you put it on. Choose a model with a size that matches your head size. Your road helmet should fit the shape of your head and should not move in any position.


To enjoy the best sports equipment, it is essential to choose a comfortable bicycle helmet. Depending on the type of cycling you do and the distance you ride, you may need to wear your helmet for long hours. Therefore, we advise you to choose a road helmet with an ergonomic design at point, which is comfortable to wear even over long distances. Especially since a helmet that is not suitable and comfortable may increase the risk of accidents on the road.


Road bike helmets come in a multitude of colors, but also shapes. Depending on your tastes and needs, you can choose a fully enclosed model for maximumaerodynamics, or a helmet with several vents for greater comfort.